Kotor & Trebinje March 19-20 2016.
March 19. 2016. (2,8km 1.000 D+)

“From the sea to the sky”
The second edition of the Kotor Vertical Extreme race in organization of our friends from Montenegro, NGO Orijen Outdoor and AK Niskogorci, with support of SkyRunning Serbia. This race is part of the 2016 Serbian SkyRunning League. One of the rare vertical trails, along with Limone sul Garda- e, Canazei and Chamonix with the start in urban area, from one of the most beautiful coastal old cities, and via unique landscapes of Kotor hinterland.
The start of the race goes from the North gate of the old city at 1 m altitude, via vertical scree, attractive “Pestingrad Gate”, the race finish is above Kotor, at the peak Pestingrad at 1009 meters altitude. The distance of the race is 2,8 km, with 1008 meters total ascent. From the finish the racers will be directed toward Krstac, where will be organized lunch and after that all participants will be transported by bus back to Kotor. The trail of the race is quite demanding and extreme, and recommended for serious athletes and runners only. Registration for the race is available at www.trka.rs from mid-January 2016. Try to challenge yourself and to break your personal best and the race best of 41:25 for male, and 1:10:25 for female. Please find more info at provided links. Be aware that the trail is so narrow that your GPS won’t work there.
Good luck!

Info: NVO ORJEN Outdoor

For those who needs more adrenaline and have extra strength, we are organizing next day (March 20) the Trebinje Vertical Kilometer. The SkyRunning Serbia team with interested participants will be bussed, after the Kotor race, in the evening of March 19, to Trebinje. The bus from Belgrade to Kotor, Trebinje and back to Belgrade is organized for first 50 registered participants. Participants that register for both races will have preference for the bus, with additional charge of 1.000 dinars for return fare. More info is coming soon.

Trebinje Vertical – The Rocky Race.
Distance 5,2km / vertical ascend 960m / March 20. 2016
Trebinje is the city of sun, vine, honey, plane trees and beautiful Herzegovina nature. Only few dozen kilometers from Croatian and Montenegro coast, this city is settled at 274 meters altitude. Urban part of the city is surrounded by the walls of the old fortress, in between river of Trebisnjica and the Ducic Park. The several bridged cross Trebisnjica river, with the most famous Perovic-Arslanagic bridge build in 1574, and represents one of the most significant cultural-historical monuments of the city. There are five old orthodox monasteries in Trebinje vicinity.
Similarly to entire Herzegovina, the rocks are dominated landscape of Trebinje. Trebinje is surrounded by four mountains: Orijen, Bjelasnica, Vidusa and Leotar. The Trebinje Vertical Kilometer is located at the mountain Leotar, just above the city.
Trebinje was described by: Environmentalist as “Oasis”, Doctors as “Sanatorium”, Agronomists as “Misir”, Archeologists as “El Dorado”, Pharmacologists as “free pharmacy”, writers as “Poet’s district”, actors as “Stage for everyone”, painters as “The picture is there already, just need a frame”. We’ll see how SkyRunners are going to describe it.
The start of the race is one kilometer away from the city center, at the bank of Trebisnjica River, just in front of the Perovica-Arslanagica Bridge at 274 meters altitude. After crossing of the bridge, the competitors will pass Gradina area, and will reach the main road (460 meters from the start). Competitors will run for 1000 meters on the road, and then, after 1460 meters from the start, will turn to the mountain path that goes to the Leotar peak. First 2740 meters of that path are with moderate ascent, and then 1000 meters of steep trek toward the finish. Toward the south, the view is on the endless Adriatic Sea. Registation for the race is available at www.trka.rs.
The finish line is at Leotar peak at 1228 meters altitude. Total distance of the race is 5200 meters, with 960 meters of vertical ascent, which is qualify this race as Vertical Kilometer. All along the race the competitors will have stunning view to the city and surrounding area, and from the peak one can see Orije, Zijovo, Komovi, Bioc, Volujak, and even distant Velez and Biokovo. Toward the south, the view is on the endless Adriatic Sea.
Registation for the race is available at www.trka.rs.
Uskoro više detalja.
Vertical weekend

Kotor 2016.

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