Sinjavina Sky Race – August 10, 2019 Mojkovac

Be prepared for the most diverse race since the beginning of the Serbian Skyrunning League. This trail has parts of Sokolov Put, Šara, Prokletije, Stara and pretty much resembles Orjen or north side of Rtanj. The Mojkovac part of the mountain makes a powerful impression.

The trail and scenery shift all the time, so you don’t know where you are. Besides that, you’ll pass above 2.200 m a.s.l. across the highest peak of Sinjavina (the old name, now more often Sinjajevina). In 33 km you’ll have 2.000 m of ascent with a lot of technical sections. Two refreshment and control points at 10th and 21st km plus one additional checking on Jablanov peak, 2.206 m a.s.l. The average elevation of the trail is 1.650 m a.s.l.

The start is at 8 AM in the village G. Štitarica (at the end of asphalt). In first 600 m you’ll take your positions before acute turn to the left into the steep and narrow path. There you’ll step immediately into the reign of vertical ascent – very serious ascent beneath the Gusar peak, ca. 700 m in just 3-4 km, where you’ll step on the upper plateau of Sinjavina, which is full of sinkholes. Moonlike and unbelievable landscapes.

Along macadam road (which gives completely different feeling, it can’t be compared to our macadam roads) you’ll twist and turn through the realm of limestone to Savino lake (Savino jezero) beneath Jablanov peak, where is the CP1 at 10th km. There you’ll have mandatory equipment check and refreshment; you may refill water as much as you need. After that, you’ll have the second ascent, a little bit easier comparing to the first one. When you reach the main ridge, stop for a while – Durmitor, Moračke, Komovi, Prokletije, Bjelasica mountains will burst upon yours view – one of the most powerful panoramas in the Balkans.

On the peak is additional checking and afterwards you’ll continue through technical terrain, along the ridge, through sinkholes and the never-never land of Sinjavina. After a few km you’ll finally reach the summer-pasture mountain huts and macadam road which will lead you to the saddle and CP2 at 21st km (Poljane). There you’ll have refreshment and again you may refill water as much as you need. Landscapes, panoramas, hundred years old pines, barren rocks, narrow paths will alternate and everything is easier for moving now. You’ll enjoy if you were smart and kept the strength on the main ridge and ascents. The trail is remarkable – one of the best!

The finish is in the folklore complex Rakočević, Hotel Gacka where will be the base of the race (race office) also.

Time limits:
• CP1 Savino jezero (Savino lake) 10th km – 10:45 AM (2h and 45 min. from start)
• CP2 Poljane 21st km – 1:15 PM (5h and 15 min. from start)
• Finish – Hotel Gacka 4:00 PM (8h from start)

ITRA rating (2 points, mountain 7), profile, map and other details - https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/70148

Required equipment: survival blanket, rain/wind jacket, mobile phone, cup and whistle. Penalties of 30 minutes will be applied if any of these is missing. If two or more items are missing, the disqualification will follow. We recommend that you have poles, but bear in mind that you cannot leave them at the posts. We especially recommend that you have GPS device with the route of the trail! You must be semi-autonomous (water, gels etc.).

Each participant must wear his/her bib number in the visible place, on the chest or on the waist, frontally. It can be on the jacket or shirt, but must not be covered by jacket! The loss of the bib number means automatic disqualification. If the need for complaints arises, contact us at skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com within 48 hours after the race. After this time no complaints will be taken into consideration.

Picking up participant packages will be in the race office, Hotel Gacka (http://www.imanjerakocevic.me/me/naslovna/) on Friday, August 9. from 3 PM until 10 PM. The packages must be picked up in person. Medical certificate is obligatory for this race, no older than one year. --GPS record of the trail can be downloaded here--

All additional information regarding the race will be laid out in the final e-mail and during the technical meeting on Friday, August 9 in Hotel Gacka (conference hall). The whole complex is top, in beautiful ambient, with mobile and Wi-Fi network. It possesses spa, wellness, sport terrains, camping option, restaurant and it is rated 4+.

Applications are open from Monday, December 10, 2018 at 8 AM until Friday, July 12, 2019 at 4 PM (the payment has to be made up to this time). Within the participant package the runner will get finishers medal and T-shirt of the race. The amount of the registration fee is 1.800 RSD (EUR 15). As usual, applications are at portal trka.rs.

Limit: 199 runners!

The race will be scored within Serbian Skyrunning League for 2019 in the format sky classic and will carry 50% more points in the season 2019 together with the Ultra Trail Stara Planina.

The transport to the start of the race in G. Štitarica is organized from the race office on Saturday morning at 7 AM. You’ll have 30-40 minutes’ drive to the start line.

In case of bad weather, the race will be rescheduled on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Of course, for accommodation we recommend the Hotel Gacka, the special packages will be announced soon. Please, book your accommodation as soon as it is possible because capacities are already booked until June, 2019. And of course, there will be camping option which is free and it is right beside the hotel. All other affordable options for nearby accommodation you can book via TO Mojkovac at tomojkovac@t-com.me ( http://mojkovac.travel/cg/node/1 )

Award ceremony: Hotel Gacka, Saturday, August 10 at 4:30 PM at finish gate. In case of bad weather, the ceremony will be held in the restaurant of the hotel. The first three places in both categories, men and women, will receive the awards.


A serious mountain, a serious sky race, a new location! See you in Mojkovac.