Goc, September 7, 2019, Kraljevo
Sky Race & Sky Ultra (30 km i 67 km)

We are modifying date of this race in order to avoid snow and prepare solid ultra race.

Sky Race (Wolves from Goč) will start at 8 AM from Maglič fortress together with ultra race. You can expect 2000m of elevation gain and 1500m of elevation loss on this race. From the very beginning you will experience severe ascend as you may see on race profile. The very first kilometer is purely technical where you’ll climbe ridge through maze of rocks in all fours (4x4). This could be compared to Tromso Sky Race.

You’ll climbe to the highest peak of Stolovi mountain – Usovica (1.375m) that gives fantastic view on mountains Čemerno, Prokletije, Rtanj, Midžor, Rudnik, Kablar. Please do not be afraid of wild horses that you’ll find in this area. You may feed them with sugar, it will be unique exprience for you as for all runners from 2018 race. From Usovica and next 9 km you will go downhill. On 13th kilometer of the race you’ll have the first control and refreshment at KT1 Orlovac on 1000m altitude. You will have water and sweets, but you’ll not be allowed to recharge your water supplies. After that point, you’ll go downhill to village Brezna where you’ll have the second control and refreshment point at mountain house Gvozdac (KT2 Brezna), some 19km from race start. You’ll have water, tea, sweets, peanuts, coke and other food. At this control point you will be allowed to recharge supplies.

After this control point you will climb though the village and through passage you’ll continue on asphalt that will last for another 4 km. Wide mountain track will take you directly to mountain house Goč on Dobre vode where you’ll finish this race. At the end every runner will enjoy in lunch, receive drop bag and final ceremony. Limit for this race is until 2.30 PM, exactly 6 hours and 30 minutes from the start.

Mandatory equipment for this race is whistle and emergency isotermic sheet. You may expect strong wind on Stolovi mountain during the race. We will monitor weather conditions before and during the race and inform you duly on time. We will check madatory equipment at KT2 and in case you’ll be missing it, you’ll be penalized with 30 minutes. Start package for this race includes coton T shirt. During this race you’ll be semi-autonomus with water and refereshment in backpack.

GPX track, map and race profile is at the bottom of the page.

Limit for this race is 199 runners!

Sky Ultra (Dragons of Željin) will start at the same time as Sky Race, however it is upgraded compred to last year! You will run from one fortress to another fortress as heaven’s messanger! From Maglić to Koznik! You will have 67 km in front of you with 4.250 m of ascend and 3.750m of descend. Very serious ultra race, start from 300 m up to 1800 m. Trail is the same as for Sky Race up to KT2 Dom Brezna (please read instructions for Sky Race). After refreshment at KT2 you will continue same path as Sky Race runners and then after app 2 km you will turn right near house in nearby village. Lond ascend to the top of Kavgalija on very tough terrain of Studena mountain, beautiful surroundings and lot of climbing. From KT2 it will take some 11 km to KT3 Zli čukar (app 30 km of race) where you’ll have another refreshment – water and sweets. You’ll then continue in the ridge and macadam roads to KT4 Velika livada in 36 km of the race where you’ll have new refreshment and control of mandatory equipment. We will check madatory equipment at KT4 and in case you’ll be missing it, you’ll be penalized with 30 minutes. Please note that you’ll have the first time limit on this control point until 4 PM that will be properly respected.

From KT4 Velike livade you’ll continue on macadam road to Željin, highest peak of this area. At 48 km of race you’ll be on the crossroad where middle road will take you directly to 1.785 m and more magnificent view than on Stolovi! You’ll arrive to KT5 Željin (some 12km from KT4) and from that point you’ll climb to peak Željin. After reaching Željin, you’ll go south and Aleksandrovac area. On descend from Željin you’ll come to old stone house where KT6 Šumska kuća will be placed at 53 km of the race, some 5 km from KT5. There you’ll have water and fruits and continue to passage Karaula, KT7 with refreshment and recharge of supplies. Please note that time limit for KT7 is 8PM or 12 hours from race start. From KT7 you will continue to Koznik fortress, finish of this race. Time limit for race is until 10 PM or 14 hours in total.

At finish line, race staff will direct you to your drop bags, food and transport to Goč (some 45 minutes of drive) where ceremony will be held.

Mandatory equipment for this race is whistle, emergency isotermic sheet, mobile phone, gloves, cap or buff and wind proof jacket.

Start package will include active t shirt.

This race will bring you 3 ITRA points and mountain 8. Longest ascend from the beginning to end will take 1.230 m which indicates that this race is very serious!

Race profile, map and other details find on this link: https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/72554

You will find GPX on the bottom of this page.

Limit for this race is 99 runners.

Race applications
Open from Jan 10, 2018 and closed on August 13 at 5 PM on web portal trka.rs. na portalu trka.rs

Registration fee for Sky race is 1.800 RSD and for Sky Ultra 3.000 RSD.

Bus transport and race office - information
Minibus will take from Belgrade on September 6 on Friday at 5 PM from parking of Soko Štark Arena. It will take around 3 hours of ride to Goč. We will return back to Belgrade on Sunday afternoon (you’ll be informed on time) The very first 20 runners who will pay registration fee will have possibility to book ride on the bus for price of 1.000 RSD fee. Race house will be situated at hotel in Dobre vode where you’ll be able to pick up race package from 5 PM till 11 PM on Friday. Race office will be placed in new part of rest house that is equiped with wi-fi connection, cafee and 180 bads with heating. Every runner has to pick up his/her start package personally and validate statement of responsibility. Runners that will participate at Ultra race will have to provide mandatory medical certificate not older than 6 months. All participants younger than 18 must have Certificate of agreement by both parents validated at Notary or Court. Drop bags will be placed in race office where you’ll be able to pick them after the Sky Race or at Koznik after Sky Ultra. This will also be the finish for Sky Race and place where ceremony will be held for both races. In case you cancel this race but would like to receive start package, you’ll be able to delegate it to someone else only in case you announce him or her by September 1 by sending us mail. You will receive finish medals at the finish line of both races.

Arriving to start point
We will organize buses that will take all runners from parking of rest house Goč at Dobre vode. All runners who would like to use this transport will have to inform us by September 2 to our mail skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com. It will take some 80 minutes to arrive below fortress on Ibarska road. From that point you will climb to the fortress. Please do not worry about condition of bridge as it has been reconstructed.

For runners that will not take bus from Goč race office, please be informed that you have to be at Maglič fortress by 7.50 latest.

In case of bad weather conditions, we will postpone race for Sunday, September 8. In case of seriously bad weather conditions, race management has all rights to modify race, postpone and/or cancel the race.

Lunch coupons will be handed to all runners with finishers medals.

Accomodation – Whole hotel complex will be reserved for race participants. With brand new rest house we will have some additional 180 beds or 290 beds in total.

This area is rich with playgrounds and animators, therefore well suited for your family as well. It will be important to book it on time though.

You will also be able to sleep at baloon hall, but we strongly recommed warm sleeping bags and bedrolls. All mobile networks are working well in this area except VIP network. There is a lot of place for tents.

We will announce prizes during the summer. Final instructions and details will be sent few days before the race, as always.

This race will be organized with help and support of city of Kraljevo and local administration.

Epic race or Sokolov put, 2nd edition as some might say. Get ready for one of the most beautiful races of Serbia! Go for it!

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Skyrace Goc
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