Rtanj Sky Race 07.07.2018.

The third race in the 2018 season and for the second time on Rtanj Mountain from the formation of the National League. Instead of the Vertical format, we are introducing Sky Race! The start of the race will be at the Ramonda Hotel (opening in June) in the village of Rtanj. The scheduled time is 7:30 am since we wanted to start before serious heat. The start will be shared with team racers who pass their relay to their pilots at the top (http://4elements.rs/trka/ Šiljak). Racers can also run for some of the 4 element teams - once they pass the relay on Šiljak, they can carry on (there will be special records for such cases). The length of the Sky Race trail is 27km (map, gpx) with 2.250m of ascent and as much descent (profil).

Rtanj is by far a very special mountain within Carpathian mountain range. This impressive pyramid of Eastern Serbia, located between the basins of Sokobanja and Crna Reka, is highly respected. The moment you spot the outlines of Rtanj, your heart starts racing, leaving no one indifferent. No peak in Serbia leaves such an impression as the mighty Šiljak (1.565masl) with its remains of a stone chapel. Up there, you witness unparalleled pleasure with the view encompassing the whole region. Borski Sto, Beljanica, Lazar’s Canyon, Stara Mountain, Suva Mountain, Ozren, Tupižnica. Everything is there in front of you. Famous for tea, aliens and various theories, while in the world of mountain sports it is a real treasure. Excellent access roads, nearness of spa and lakes and high altitude difference are just some of its great conveniences.

Time limit for finishing is 7 hours from the start (2:30 pm). Wherever you give up the only option is walking (except for serious injuries, in which case Mountain rescue will take over). Applications will open on Thursday, February 8th and last until June 7th (Thursday) until 4 pm. Cotton T-shirt will be a part of the starting package. Registration fee is 1,500 RSD (13 euro) and you can apply through trka.rs portal.

There are three control points on the trail, one is recurring since you are crossing the mountain. The first one is at Šiljak peak (7km of the race) while the second one is Stari rudnik (Old mine), on the north side near the asphalt (13km of the race). Then comes Šiljak again, but this time at 20km of the race as the third control point. At the second control point you will find refreshments: food, sweets, water and juices. Water refill is allowed here. Required equipment: survival blanket, mobile phone, whistle and 1,5 l of water on you. These are mandatory items, and bear in mind that your start number MUST be in visible place (chest, front side of your shorts). In case this rule is not followed accordingly, extra 60 minutes will be added. Loss of a start number or record card means automatic disqualification. Equipment check will be performed on CP2. We recommend poles!

Trail description:

From the start to CP1 Šiljak: the trail starts from the hotel, goes through the village after which you will come across the sharp turn right uphill, along the narrow path After some time you will enter the limestone and lower plants after which you will reach the southern clear side of Rtanj Mountain. Somewhere before the end you will enter the famous serpentines. Up to the first control point you will have 7km and 1.000m of ascent.

From Šiljak you will follow the ridge which is heading west where you will have the technical part of the trail. From there you will go downhill to the saddle entering the narrow part of the northern exposition. Be careful there since it is very steep. Down to CP2 Stari rudnik (Old mine) you will have slightly more than 6km and 1.250m of descent, counting from Šiljak. This is also the lowest point of the race. At CP2 you will have refreshments, water refill and equipment check. After that you will go back north to Šiljak, which at this point will be CP3, having passed about 6km and 1.250m of ascent – using the same path when you went downhill. At this point you can expect severe heat, so make sure that you have taken a minimum of 1.5l of water and that you have refreshed properly. After you have reached the top of Rtanj for the second time, you will go along the same path to the hotel. There are no springs along the trail!

The race is scored in the Sky Classic format for the 2018 League.

Upon arrival at the finish (hotel and race office) there will be lunch waiting for you. The award ceremony will be held at the hotel at 3 pm (the first three places in both categories).

For Rtanj Sky Race there will be no organized transportation (bus), since it is centrally positioned on the map of Serbia and easily accessible to everyone.

Starting packages collection:

Race office, Ramonda Hotel, Rtanj village, July 6, from 4 pm to 10 pm. When registering, each participant gets a package and is obliged to sign a statement of responsibility for participation in the race. All minors must have parental consent letter signed by both parents and certified in court. During the registration you can leave your stuff in bags that will wait for you at the finish after the race.

All the participants should be at the start no later than 7:10 am.


We will receive special packages from Ramonda Hotel in May, when the facility is finished and their web site up and running. At 8km from the start of the race - http://www.balasevicrtanj.com/

Info for accommodation in Sokobanja (45-minute drive from Ramonda Hotel) - http://www.sokobanja.com/

Video from the first edition of the race - https://vimeo.com/124134057

Rtanj Vertical photo album - https://www.facebook.com/pg/skyrunningserbia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=372866992914218