Prokletije Sky Master 22. septembar 2018. Crna gora
Sky Master (29 km 1.600D+)

This is the final race in Skyrunning league where ten best runners from both categories (male/female) will take part. This list will be finalized after race on Šara mountain. Along with ten best runners, ten additional runners will receive wild card according to best assesment of Skyrunning Serbia. However, these runners will not receive any points for League.

Sky Master will start at 8.00 AM from mountain house Bogićevica home of PSK HRID at 1.460m. This race will take 29 km and 1.600 m of elevation loss and gain. The first control and refreshment will be at 9th kilometer near old watchtower Bjelaj along with border with Albania. At 15th kilometer you’ll have additional control and small refreshment near Dvojnice. The second control and refreshment will be at 24th kilometer at mountain house Bogićevica. Time limit set for this race is at Dvojnice at 11.00 AM and on the finish line at 01.00 PM.

The very first 4 km you will run on macadam (stone) road to mountain house Bajrovića. From that point you’ll run on narrow „goat“ trails up to Hrid lake. Next 19 km up to 23 km mark you will run on narrow border trails. Once you approach ridge Krš Bogićevice, trail will lead you to the right opposite of peak and on saddle to the left and down to the watchtower that will be visible if weather allows us. There you will have first control and refeshment. From that point you will continue through wider trail that turns right from trail sign and leads the way to ridge trail that borders Montenegro and Albania up to the peak of Maja e Spalit (B28). You will have clear and panoramic view along extremely runable trail up to Tromedja. You’ll continue below the peak up to 15th kilometer where additional control Dvojnice (Ćafa Bogićes) will be made. From that point you’ll continue right and up to peak Maja Rops (2.501m) and down to the passage Ćafa Belega where you’ll NOT continue on macadam (stone) road that would take you to Dečani BUT on narrow „goat“ trails to mountain house Bogićevica. At the very beginning trail is quite narrow, but from first mountain house you’ll be on macadam road where you will quite soon see additional control and refreshment at 24 km. From this control point to finish line you’ll continue on macadam road.

Mandatory equipment will be checked on KT1 (control point 1) – emergency isotermic sheet, mobile phone, whistle, rain jacket. All participants will be disqualified if they don’t have all listed items. We strongly recommend to all runners to have trekking poles, gps devices and bell although we’ll not penalize if you don’t have it. Registration fee is 1.800 RSD or 15 EUR and it will include cotton T shirt. All participants have to register and pay August 25 latest.

During the race you will be semi-autonomous - you’ll have to take water and food with you. Please be prepared for cold weather!

Organizers keep all rights to change, shorten or stop the race at any time.

All participants eligible to fulfill all conditions for this race or receive wild card from organizers will be informed by August 13 latest when they will apply officially through Trka.rs

Any participant who doesn’t meet listed conditions and apply to race will be deleted.

Participant will receive points as for any Classic race format. All details are listed here - Results

Transport and accomodation
We will organize mini bus from Belgrade on Friday, Sept 21 at 08.00 AM. Price is 1.200 RSD and has to be paid by August 25 latest. Limit is 20 participants.
In case of bad weather, race will be postponed for Sunday, September 23. Return to Belgrade is planned for Sunday. If the race is held on Saturday, we will organize climbing tour to Očnjak in case of good weather. That tour requires helmet as mandatory equipment.

Accomodation – tents and mountain houses. These are the only options. Mountain houses could be rented for price of 5 EUR per guest. You will need sleeping bag in any case. If you’d like to rent mountain house please write to us skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com since capacity is limited. Also, please bring your own food, you’ll have kitchen at your disposal. All participants will be served lunch at the end of the race.

Awards for this race will be published by August 25 latest.

Every participant must wear BIB at any time on visible place especially at control points. Otherwise, he/she will be disqualified. Loss of BIB will draw automatic disqualification of any participant as well.

Weather forecast

Prokletije (video)
Photo galery 2015
Photo galery 2016

Here, you may find profile, gpc file and race map. Welcome to the most beautiful race of Skyrunning league!