Goč, March 31st, 2018, Kraljevo
Sky Race & Sky Ultra (30km and 57km)

Sky Race starts at 8 AM from Maglič Fort – this will be a joint start with the Ultra racers. At this trail you can expect 2,000m of ascent and 1,500m of descent. At the very start expect serious ascent, which can also be seen by the race profile, whereas the first kilometre is a pure technical section. Following the ridge, you will pass through the labyrinth of rocks, where 4x4 technique will be the only option. Just like the real Sky Race (Tromso type).

You will climb straight to the highest peak of Stolovi - Usovica (1,375masl) from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of Čemerno, Prokletije, Rtanj, Midžor, Rudnik and Kablar. Do not be afraid of wild horses, there are lots of them in that area and you can approach them. Feel free to bring a lump of sugar as this will be a unique experience. From there (9km of the race) you will go downhill and at 13km you will come across the first control point and refreshment (CP1 Orlovac) at 1,000masl. There will be water and sweets. Water refill is not allowed at this point. After that you will continue downhill to the Brezna village in the Gvozdac mountain lodge where the second control point will be set with refreshment (CP2 Brezna lodge) at 19km from the start. There will be water, tea, fruits, sweets, snacks and Coca-Cola. Water refill is allowed here.

After that, you will climb through the village crossing the asphalt road (this is the only section where you will have 4m of asphalt on the race). A beautiful wide forest path leads you directly to the Goč resort at Dobre vode where the finish of the race will be set with lunch for participants, drop bags and awarding ceremony. The limit is 2:30 PM – 6 hours and 30 minutes from the start.

Required equipment: a whistle and a survival blanket. We highly recommend gloves, caps and waterproof/windproof jackets. At some sections of the track you can expect snow while the wind can be extremely strong on Stolovi, too. Checking of the required equipment will be done at CP2, with 30-minute penalty in case anything is missing. Cotton T-shirt will be a part of the starting package. You have to be semi-autonomous during the race – water and refreshments are mandatory. At the end of March at 300masl where the start will be set you can expect real summer time while at the heights above 1,300masl you can experience harsh winter in the true sense of the word!

Sky Ultra starts at the same time as the Sky Race, with 57km of 3,750m ascent and 4,100m of descent ahead. The trail is the same up to the CP2 at Brezna lodge (see the description of the Sky Race). After refreshment at the lodge, you will take the same path for about 2km as your colleagues from 30km race after which your way separates to the right by a house in the village. Expect long climb to the top of Kavgalija through the wastelands of Studena mountain, beautiful landscapes and a lot of climbing. From CP2 you have 11km to CP3 Zli Čukar (30km of the race) with water and sweets. You continue across the ridge and macadam roads to CP4 Velika livada which is on the 36km of the race. So, only after 6km there will be another control point and refreshment but this time much stronger - soup, teas, water, food and sweets. The checking of the required equipment will be done here with a penalty of 30 minutes if anything is missing. Also, this will be the first time gate – the limit is until 5PM and it will be strictly respected.

From Velika livada you will take a harsh macadam road to Željin – the highest peak of the entire region. At the 48km of the race you will encounter an intersection from where the middle path goes straight up to 1,785masl from where the view is even more magnificent than the one at Stolovi! At that point CP5 Željin will be set (12km from CP4) from where you will start your climb up to the peak of the same name. You will have water and sweets here. After climbing the top, you will go to the south towards the Aleksandrovac side – so you will climb Željin from one side and go downhill along the other! At the downhill you will encounter an old stone lodge where CP6 –Šumska kuća will be set at 53km of the race (5km from CP5). Here you will have water and fruit and 4km downhill to the finish in the village of Ploče at 57km of the race. The limit is 9 PM, i.e. 13 hours from the start.

There you will have meal, drop bags and transport to the race office (about an hour's drive) where the awarding ceremony will be held (Goč Resort). Required equipment: a whistle, a survival blanket, a mobile phone, gloves, a cap or a buff and a windproof/waterproof jacket. There will certainly be sections with snow from Kavgalija on, while the wind can be extremely strong on the ridge. We highly recommend that you have gaiters, too.

An active shirt is a part of a starting package. You have to be semi-autonomous on the race, water and refreshments are mandatory. At the end of March at 300masl where the start will be set you can expect some summer time while at the heights above 1,700masl you are certain to experience harsh winter in the true sense of the word!!

This is a no asphalt race! The limit is 99 runners.

We are open for applications from 27th December, 2017 from 8 PM until 15th March, 2017, 5 PM. You can apply at http://trka.rs/event/75/ portal
Sky Race registration fee is 1,600 RSD and for Sky Ultra - 2,800 RSD

Buses and Race Office
The bus from Belgrade leaves on March 30th at 5 PM from the Kombank Arena parking lot. The ride to Goč is around 3-hour long. Returning will be on Sunday afternoon (the exact time will be provided soon). The first 50 applicants who pay the registration fee are eligible for the participant's bus at an extra fee of 1,000 RSD. Racing office will be set at the resort at Dobre vode and the starting package delivery will last from 5PM to 11PM. Everyone is required to come in person and take the starting package and sign the statement of responsibility. For Ultra participants, a sports medical examination is mandatory, not older than 6 months. Prepare a deposit of 200 RSD or 2 EUR for start numbers, as usual. All those under the age of 18 can participate only in a shorter race with the certified consent of their parents. You will leave your drop bags in the race office at the Resort where they will be waiting for you. The finish of the shorter race will be set here as well as the awarding ceremony for both distances. If your friends cancel their coming and delegate you to take over their starting package, they must inform us about that no later than March 25th. Finisher medals will be awarded at the race office.

Coming to Start
Buses will be organized leaving at 6 AM from the parking lot of the Goč Resort at Dobre vode. All those who want to go by our buses must confirm so to our e-mail skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com no later than March 25th. It will take about 80 minutes to come under the fort at Ibar Highway (State Road 22). From there you will climb to the fortress itself where you will enter it.

For all those who will not spend the night at Goč where the base of the race will be set as well as starting packages delivery and awarding ceremony, please bear in mind that you have to be in the fort no later than 7:50 AM.

In case of bad weather, the race will be delayed for Sunday, April 1st. In case of severe winter conditions, we reserve the right to change certain parts of the track.

Accommodation - the information will be provided soon. This section will be updated by January 20th, the latest. No need to worry since Goč has large accommodation capacity, of different levels. It is possible to sleep in the balloon hall but we recommend winter bags and mattress. The width of the VIP network is somewhat weaker while the others are quite functional. The access road is very good. Race office has Wi-Fi.

The prize fund will be announced no later than February, 15th. Final instructions and details will be provided a few days before the race, as always.

We organize this race in cooperation with the city of Kraljevo and its administration. More information will follow.

It's time to open the fourth skyrunning season! The trails are epic, especially the longer one. The distance is the same as at Stara mountain, but with more climbs and frequent changes. Take this race seriously. Go for it!

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