Garmin SkyStairs - Zubin Potok
14. May 2016.

Garmin Sky Stairs, a stair race with more than 700 steps in Zubin Potok, is one of the greatest challenges this year. The race will not be scored for Skyrunning League 2016, but it will be an original and challenging competition, with great awards for the fastest and most persistent runners.
After the first round, when the race will be timed, top 16 runners continue to the second round (top 8 in women’s race) where knockout system will be used (8 on 8, 4 on 4, 2 on 2 and 1 on 1). This means that the finalists will have five, i.e. four stair running rounds.
The race starts on Saturday, 14 May at 11h with all rounds up to semi-finals in both categories. After that, a non-competition children’s race will be organised, followed by a break. In the evening, an attractive finals will start at 20h, with semi-final and final races for both men and women. There can only be one winner, among women and men.
Attached is the map of Zubin Potok with all relevant locations for the event. The stairs for competition are marked with number 1. Participants’ accommodation is organised in Students’ Campus (number 2 on the map) or local hotels (Hotel Dva Lava, Hotel Aleksandrija and Hotel Zapis). Accommodation prices are shown in attached packages. There is also a possibility for free accommodation in the Sports & Recreation Centre (number 13 on the map), but you have to bring sleeping bags and pads.
On Sunday, 15 May, an Outdoor adventure is planned in Ibarski Kolašin, for which we prepared fantastic packages for climbs on Via Ferrata and a hiking tour on Mokra gora. We gladly recommend these activities, you will enjoy the natural beauties and attractiveness of tourist packages in this area.
The bus will leave from the parking lot in front of Kombank Arena on Friday 13 May at 16h. The first 50 participants who fill in the applications will have an opportunity for free transportation. Considering a large number of unannounced last-minute cancellations of organised transportation, starting from this race, all participants who are provided free transportation will be requested by e-mail to confirm that they will use free transportation 10 days before the trip. If they do not confirm their place on the bus 10 days ahead, they will not be able to use it. Cancelling transportation arrangement can only be done 10 days before the trip, via e-mail skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com. If a participant informs the organised that he/she will use the transportation, and does not actually use it, without sending information to skyrunning.serbia@gmail.com at latest 10 days before the trip, the participant loses the opportunity to use transportation in the next race organised by SkyRunning Serbia for which he/she applies. This does not include text messages or calls to certain members of the team, but only e-mails sent to the association.
All participants who are given the opportunity to use free transportation will be informed about that on time. The return is scheduled for Sunday, 15 May at 16:30h in front of the Sports & Recreation Centre. The leader is as usual our Dragana (0642514033).
All people older than 13 can participate in the race (for those younger than 18 a parent’s approval authorised at the court must be provided upon registration on the day of the race).
Applications are open on the portal trka.rs from Friday, 11 March 2016 at 11h, and closed on 3 May 2016 at 16h.
More information about Zubin Potok and the surrounding area: www.ibarski-kolasin.org and Facebook page Outdoor In.
Sponsors: www.infoteam.rs, www.garmin.rs, Municipality of Zubin potok & Outdoor In

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